What are Postbox Flowers?

This is our latest 'projekt' where you can send one-off gifts to loved ones anywhere in West Malaysia, or subscribe to weekly, bi-monthly or monthly flowers. (East Malaysians, we love you and we're working hard to ensure you can receive them too. It's the bl**dy sea that's in the way at the moment)

Now you can gift flowers to your loved one anywhere in West Malaysia as one-off gifts or as a subscription. Save more with our subscription plans.
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What are the flower options?

'Basic Subscription' flowers are an assortment of local blooms while the 'Premium Subscription' consists of mostly imported blooms. When you sign up for either of these options under a subscription plan, you'll receive different blooms each time. All other options have fixed flower themes - if you prefer standardising your subscription. All options are available as a one-time purchase or as a subscription plan.

All Postbox Flowers will be shipped every Wednesday.

It usually takes anywhere between 1-3 days to be delivered. There may be delays from time to time for reasons beyond what our superpowers can handle.

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