1. We are SUSUE CREATES (002560879-U) a company registered in Malaysia. Our business operates in a lovely place in PJ, specifically at No. 6 Jalan Lembah 5/2, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor (our place of business and registered address).

1.1 We go by the trade name WhichKraft Projekt and are the registered owners of our domain / website URL www.whichkraftprojekt.com where we sell you party gifts and offer event styling services.

1.2 These terms and conditions are our copyrighted intellectual property. Nobody is permitted to use any part of it for commercial purposes. If we find out that you have, you may be subject to legal action - we've always wanted to shout "You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!" in a court of law, so don't give us any reason to take you there.


2. When you register, you are required to provide information that is truer than true, accurate, current, and complete. If there are any changes to your information, you are required to inform us via email or by amending your details yourself through your Account settings. Please do not send us anything by facsimile because we don't own a machine and also because we don't live in the past. We have emails now for a reason ya'll.

2.1 You shall not misuse our website by creating multiple user accounts. We know you want to be sneaky and get free vouchers and promos but we're watching you (please refer to clause 1.2 about our court dream)

2.2 To place an order with us, you must be over 18 years of age and possess a valid credit or debit card issued by financial institutions that are acceptable to us (FYI, we also accept payments via registered and authorised e-wallets). We know we sell pretty stuff and if you really want something but are under 18, pester your parents till they sign up - we promise to send them lots of updates about how your birthday parties could look like *wink wink*.



3. We promise you that we do our very best to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices which appear on our website are accurate. Neverthelesser, there may be instances where errors may occur. If we realise there’s an error in the price of any products you’ve ordered, we’ll inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it. If we can’t get in touch with you, we’ll treat the order as cancelled. If you cancel your order before we’ve delivered it and if you’ve already paid for it, we’ll issue a full refund to you - no sweat! And also, minta maaf for any mistakes we make.

3.1 While we regularly offer free delivery for our products, there may be pockets of time where delivery isn’t free (or perhaps not for certain products). Delivery fees will be charged based on location and quantity of products purchased - i.e. if everything you buy can fit into one delivery vehicle, then you’ll just be charged the normal rate, but if your order requires multiple delivery vehicles, then you’ll be charged an additional fee lah. We reserve the right to change our delivery terms and prices without notifying you.

3.2 You can pay for your order using any of our payment partners listed on our website. We do not accept cash on delivery unless it’s a tip to our delivery staff ;) then ok lah boss. 

3.3 You can only use your promo code at checkout. Please don’t try to use it upon delivery.

3.4 We have a strict no cancellation and no refunds policy. Once payment is made, that’s it amigo! But if you need to change your delivery date, please call us ASAP. Don’t call us minutes before delivery - if your order has already been prepared, it will be considered as a cancellation, i.e. no refund.


4. We’ll deliver your order to the address listed in your order and not anywhere else yah. It is your responsibility to give clear instructions for delivery so if the drop off point is in a fish pond, your order will be left there - kidding lah, we’re not so mean but please be clear in your delivery instructions!

4.1 Time of delivery will be within 30 minutes (before or after) your specified delivery time. Please bear in mind that there are circumstances beyond our control e.g. bad weather, vehicle breakdowns, unusually heavy traffic, natural disasters like a flood etc. that will cause a late delivery (or in extreme cases non-delivery). We will notify you if there is a delay of any kind. We will not  be liable to you for any losses, liabilities, costs, damages, charges or expenses arising out of any late delivery.

4.2 If any of your balloons arrive deflated, we will replace it as soon as possible. Once delivery is made, i.e. your order is handed over to you, there will be no replacements. 

4.3 If nobody is around to accept delivery, our first course of action will be to contact you. If you ghost us, your order will be returned to our studio. You may arrange for a re-delivery but will have to pay the additional charges. We do not guarantee the condition of your order upon re-delivery nor will we replace any items in your order. Our products are time sensitive and lose ‘life’ as each minute passes - balloons deflate over time and flowers wilt.

4.4 All our deliveries are handled by 3rd party company/ies. Any issues/complaints about the delivery staff will be forwarded to our delivery partner and will be dealt with according to their terms and conditions. We do not guarantee any refunds on their behalf nor will we assume any responsibility.

4.5 If an order is not delivered to you, we will replace the order or issue a refund (choice is yours).

4.6 For orders outside of KL & PJ, they will be processed and shipped out within 1-2 working days from time of purchase and after the verification of payment. Parcels can be expected to arrive within 4-7 working days of dispatch. Currently, we only ship certain products within Malaysia.

4.7 While we aim to deliver within the suggest time frame, deliveries may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. If you don't receive your parcel after 7 working days, please contact us here.

4.8 A shipping notification email with the delivery details and link to track your parcel online will be sent to you after it has been shipped out.

4.9 Once you receive the shipping notification email, your parcel is under the care of our third party postal service providers. In the rare event that your parcel gets lost in transit, it is out of our control and responsibility if proof of postage is provided. However, we can assist you in filing a claim with the third party postal service provider.

4.10 If we receive any bounced parcels bearing your name, we will contact you for re-delivery. The cost of re-delivery will be borne by you.

4.11 As we put great care and effort to carefully curate and pack every parcel that we send out to you, all our sales are final. If items get damaged in transit, please contact us here immediately and we will assist in replacing only the damaged items. 



5. If no specific instructions are given, we will unleash our creative genius and design your stuff WhichKraft style! To avoid any clash in style preferences, we do ask that you send us reference photos of stuff you like.

5.1 Minor amendments are allowed ONCE. Each subsequent amendment will be charged at a starting rate of RM50 (final price will depend on design intricacy and size). An entirely new design will be charged at a starting rate of RM100 (again, final price will depend on design intricacy and size).

5.2 If you choose to send us your own design, you will not receive a discount! Sorry, bro. All designs must be emailed to us in .ai format to hello@whichkraftprojekt.com. Other formats may be accepted but we will not make any guarantees on the quality of printed materials.


6. We need a minimum of 5 working days to have all artwork designed and another 5 working days for printing (whether it’s a backdrop, signage, card, etc). The amount of time required will also depend on the intricacy and quantity of designs needed.

6.1 We need a minimum of 30 days to get other customised items such as fabric, props, furniture, neon or laser cut wood/acrylic signages etc. As these items are sourced from different third party companies, the time needed to get the items ready may differ.

6.2 Sometimes, terrible things happen that are beyond our control, like if a ship sinks with all the customised goods we ordered for your event. If an unfortunate event like this occurs, we will source for a suitable alternative to use at your event. 


7. We will not start working on your event until we receive FULL payment. Sorry, boss! Partial or other payment terms are only possible for event styling jobs costing RM5,000 and above.

7.1 Where your invoiced amount exceeds RM5,000, you will be required to pay a 50% deposit comprising a 20% security deposit and 30% initial payment. The balance payment will be collected at the conclusion of the event. The security deposit, if any, will be deducted from the balance due. The security deposit will be used to compensate us for any damage caused to our decor items and/or to replace missing items. We reserve the right to change these payment terms without informing you.



8. Balloons lose air over time. The rate of air-loss is not fixed as it depends on the surrounding temperature and humidity levels. General rule of thumb: the hotter and more humid it is, the quicker they will shrink. Because of this, we cannot guarantee how long your balloons will 'last'. 

8.1  Our balloon garland installation style is organic. This means that every installation we do will be different. Any visual designs sent to you prior to the event are purely for reference. We cannot guarantee that the garland will look 100% the same, only similar due to the organic nature of the installation.


9. As flowers are seasonal, we cannot guarantee that you will get all the flowers as shown on our website or in any reference photos sent to/by you. But we can guarantee that we will use the closest alternatives!

9.1 We also guarantee that we will only use the freshest flowers that are available.

9.2 As our style is raw and organic, we cannot guarantee that your bouquet will look 100% like our reference photo.


10. Colours on screen will never be 100% the same as in reality so please take everything with a pinch of salt. We will not entertain any complaints about the pink not being the same shade as the one on their phone. And FYI, colours on different devices also look different.


11. All food and beverages provided by us are from 3rd party company/ies. This means that we will not assume any responsibility for any dissatisfaction with any of the food and drinks served at your event. How delicious the food is a subjective thing so we won’t make any guarantees :) We can only tell you that we’ve tried all our suppliers’ food and love it. 

11.1 Any issues/complaints raised by you will be forwarded to our partner F&B supplier and will be dealt with according to their terms and conditions. We do not guarantee any refunds on their behalf.


12. Our work days are from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm. All enquiries etc will only be attended to during these times :) WhichKrafters need their beauty sleep.