Happiness on Repeat - 5 Boxes
Happiness on Repeat - 5 Boxes
Happiness on Repeat - 5 Boxes
Happiness on Repeat - 5 Boxes

Happiness on Repeat - 5 Boxes

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Buy 5 Mailbox Flowers at a better price!

Our Mailbox Flowers contain an assortment of fresh flowers (our senior florist will use her creativity to put this together!) packed in our gift box & mailed to anyone anywhere in West Malaysia.

The combination of flowers in each Mailbox will vary daily.


Schedule them to be sent out at different times (or at the same time) anytime this year.

Select your first mailing date at Checkout, and leave us a note for the other dates & recipient details in the space provided. If you don't have your complete send-list just yet, you can always update us via WhatsApp +6012-807 2131 or e-mail hello@whichkraftprojekt.com


We use a local courier company to send our flowers & typically takes up to 3 days to reach the recipient. However, delays may occur from time to time and some mailboxes can take up to 5 days (hopefully not more) to arrive.


For customised mailbox flowers, bulk or corporate orders, drop us a WhatsApp message +6012-807 2131 or email hello@whichkraftprojekt.com

*note: the images above are examples of some of the mailbox flowers that have recently been sent out! Yours will be different.

**NOTE: If you're purchasing a product that needs to be shipped (i.e. areas outside KL&PJ), you may still be prompted to choose your delivery date/time before proceeding to checkout/payment. We are working to fix this but in the meantime, do just select any date/time to continue - don't worry, we will disregard it. We're so sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Delivery Hours 

We do daily deliveries in KL & PJ between 10am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday. WhichKrafters need their beauty sleep on Sundays!

We can still do deliveries outside our usual hours but an additional fee will be charged. Contact us to check on rates.

Delivery Fees

For large orders that require a large vehicle or multiple vehicles to deliver your items, a top-up fee will be required. We will contact you separately for this! 

Delivery Areas

We only deliver to selected areas in the Klang Valley. You will be prompted to do a postcode check in the Cart drawer before proceeding to Checkout. 


We ship selected products nationwide. Your parcel will take approximately 3-7 working days. Please expect delays during lockdown and national festive occasions.

>> If you have any questions or issues with placing your order, please contact us via WhatsApp at +6012-807 2131 or fill in the Ask A Question form below.

Please read our full delivery terms on our FAQ and Terms & Conditions pages.

Here's what you should know about Helium Gas.

All our balloons are air-filled. We no longer use helium gas as there is a worldwide shortage of the gas which is more direly needed in the medical & scientific world. Here's an article that you can read about it here. There are lots more articles on the helium shortage that you can read about on the internet - just ask Google!

But don't worry, your balloons will look just as good as if they were filled with helium - we prop them up on a pole so it'll look like they're floating! What's better is that they'll 'stand' way longer than if they were filled with helium. A typical 'float' period for regular balloons are about 4-8 hours in our weather. With our supports, your balloons will be standing until they completely deflate, which could take days and, for some, even weeks to months!

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