Calathea Bundle (set of 5)

Calathea Bundle (set of 5)

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This bundle includes calathea freddie calathea medallion, calathea corona, calathea orbifolia and calathea makoyana/peacock plant.

This plant comes with a generic terracotta plastic pot. Other pots are sold separately - head on over to our main Plant page for our selection! 

Size: 12cm x 8cm (height of each plant may vary slightly)


- Indirect sunlight. You can place this plant on a shaded balcony or indoors near a window without direct sunlight.

- A cool-ish to warm and humid environment. If you have your a/c switched on 24/7, you may want to place a humidifier near your plants so they don’t dry up. An indoor temperature of between 20-25 degrees is ideal but slightly warmer is absolutely fine too. The key is to listen to your plant and to make adjustments accordingly.

- Water until soil is moderately moist. One way to tell if the soil is too dry is to stick your finger in it. Don’t over-water your plant!

Common problems:

- Yellow leaves are the result of too much water

- Leaf drop is usually the result of cold temperatures

- Dry, shrivelled leaves usually indicate that the plants are not receiving enough humidity, or are receiving too much direct sun

These are just a few tips that we've compiled and shared with you. We recommend that you do your own research about your plant so you can care for it perfectly!


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