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Product Information:

Adding the face roller and Gua Sha tool into your facial routine has a ton of benefits for your skin. Just like a body massage, these tools can massage your face to reduce stress and release tension. It can also improve blood circulation in your face, flush out toxins by stimulating lymphatic drainage, decrease puffiness and may even clear stuffy sinuses.

Pair this set of Rose Quartz Face Roller and Gua Sha with our Aloe Vera Gel for extra cooling to soothe your skin.

Product weight: 100g

Additional Information:

How to use the face roller:

1. After toning, apply a dollop of aloe vera gel or a few drops of facial oil or serum.

2. Taking your face roller, start at the neck and roll in an upward direction.

3. Then roll from the jawline up to your ear on both sides. Continue this motion from the jaw to the cheekbone. 

4. With the smaller side, roll under the eyes up to the temples. 

5. Roll in an outwards and upwards direction starting from the eyebrows up to the hairline across the forehead.

How to use the Gua Sha tool:

1. After cleansing, apply a few drops of facial oil or serum.

2. Holding the tool flat against your face, start at the forehead. Scrape in an upwards direction with light pressure from the eyebrows up to the forehead.

3. Then move to the center of your face in outwards motion from the nose out to the ears. 

4. Then very gently, scrape from the inner corner of your eye out towards the temple.

5. For the jawline, use the side of your Gua Sha tool with the 2 curves. Scrape from the chin up to the ear.

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Here's what you should know about Helium Gas.

All our balloons are air-filled. We no longer use helium gas as there is a worldwide shortage of the gas which is more direly needed in the medical & scientific world. Here's an article that you can read about it here. There are lots more articles on the helium shortage that you can read about on the internet - just ask Google!

But don't worry, your balloons will look just as good as if they were filled with helium - we prop them up on a pole so it'll look like they're floating! What's better is that they'll 'stand' way longer than if they were filled with helium. A typical 'float' period for regular balloons are about 4-8 hours in our weather. With our supports, your balloons will be standing until they completely deflate, which could take days and, for some, even weeks to months!

*CAUTION* We would caution you about the current sale of helium filled balloons. As helium gas is more expensive now (due to the shortage), the cost of your helium balloon should be a little pricier than it once was. If it isn't, do be wary as the gas used may be mixed with (or be entirely) a flammable gas such as hydrogen. Here is one occasion in Malaysia where many were injured due to this: